Epic journey


In the Epic Journey slot game, you have the opportunity to choose a few typical caves you might see in many games where this concept is utilized. However, this one has a twist. If you are not careful, you can end up with the cave in which your character sinks! This is a minor point in the overall story line, but it makes the game play significantly more interesting.

The reels spin at relatively fast speeds. Because they are animated, they tend to look like they are moving much faster than they actually are. This adds to the excitement of winning combinations as you attempt to fill the reels. Also, if you happen to miss hitting a symbol on the reel, you can always try again. As you progress through the game, winning combinations become increasingly frequent and the appearance of these elusive cave drawings becomes less of a challenge. By the end of your Epic Journey, you should have access to many different reels with many different graphics and music patterns.

This is one of those games that is perfect for those who have never played before or for those who want to start learning. Unlike many other video games, where the goal is simply to beat the amount of time allowed, Epic Journey features a very unique format. The objective is not to beat the amount of time you are given, but rather to get to the next level. By winning combination after combination, you will move up to the next level and continue playing. The best way to win is to build up your stamina, and spend as long as possible in each area until you run out of energy. However, be careful, because if you are not careful, the wild symbols waiting for you inside the caves will turn you into an animal!

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