Aurora wilds


Aurora Wilds slots, or also called Wild in the Woods, is an online casino slot game based on the classic Wild in the Woods game from Sierra Bios Entertainment and released by Microgaming. It was launched on August 18th, 2021 and is currently based on the same game as the classic game. The difference however is that this version has been adapted to a mobile interface and uses gesture functions to play. This means that players can use their finger to indicate which buttons to press in order to spin the reels.

In this slot machine game, players are tasked to guide the reels by using the camera to view all the events happening on the playing area. Once a red dot is positioned over one of the two icons, that indicates that it is time to re-spin the reel. This can only be done when the player is near the icons, which are the northern lights or the aurora lights. The appearance of the aurora lights tends to change, which means that players should pay attention to them in order to determine when to perform the necessary actions.

There are also several other symbols present on this slot machine, which tend to correspond to different amounts of jackpots. A total of six coins appears on the top of the screen, representing the maximum number of possible jackpots that can be won. The colors of the icons also signify the amount of money needed in order to activate a jackpot of that particular color, with the total amount of coins at the bottom part of the screen. Some of these symbols have only minor effects, such as the green symbol which gives three times the normal jackpot amount. However, some symbols are more interesting, such as the yellow star which displays a special symbol that only appears on machines featuring the Aurora Wilds slot machine.

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